Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell released a diss track under his Juice rap alias to Undisputed’s Skip Bayless in the form of “Shrimp Bayless” after the sportscaster made some interesting remarks about his season.

On the track released on his Soundcloud page, Juice spit these “gems.”

“I guess your vision’s a blur / Guess the only way you’ll like me / If I play for the Spurs / I think the Cowboys hurt his heart / I’m about to get him a nurse / Keep on talking that mess / This will only get worse.”

Yeah, take a quick listen.

Speaking to TMZ, Bayless responded to the track positively, but of course offered a retort.

“Now, to Le’Veon’s message to me in the track, once again, Le’Veon has insulted me without refuting me,” he said, insisting that Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot is the better player. “I’ll say it again, insulted me without refuting my on-air points. The insults do not bother me, they’re like sticks and stones. I shrug them off, I chuckle at them, whatever.”

Bayless also joked about possibly hitting up his homie Lil Wayne if he ever records a response record after the collaboration is suggested by the reporter.

“Now that you mentioned it, you just planted the seed in my mind,” he said. “Wayne might get a text from me later on today.”

Watch the TMZ clip below.