Juelz Santana managed to score a few hits with his Diplomat brothers as well as during his solo career, and now the Harlem rapper is preparing a major return to the scene.

Santana, now 35, was a guest at the studios of Complex Music, where he discussed his future aims and hopes of a possible Dipset reunion. In the chat, Juelz detailed his plans to release more solo tunes and said that he and Lil Wayne are still connected and have a vault’s worth of music together. On the state of Dipset, Juelz explained that his current push for new music could serve to inspire the rest of his crew to patch up their differences.

“It’s a brotherhood because I think other people in that situation when they see each other it would come to a lot more than if Jim Jones and Cam’ron seen each other right now,” Santana said. “They would probably end up laughing and giving each other a hug or something.”

The feud between two of Dipset’s senior members in Capo and Killa spilled into public waters when the pair exchanged words on Dave East’s Instagram last October. They two have gone back and forth many times over the years, but have also downplayed the seriousness of their arguments in interviews.

In this latest conversation, the Love & Hip Hop: New York castmember says he’s still close with Jones and teased a track with him that’s awaiting release.

Santana also touched on his collaborations with Lil Wayne, of which he says there are about 20 tracks in the vault. Juelz said that if there was an actual agreement hammered out, there would be enough music recorded to push out a project.

The “There It Go” rapper will release new tunes weekly via Complex.

Check out the chat in the clip above.