Former Hot Boys member B.G. got slapped with a 14-year prison sentence back in 2012, but his son, T.Y., believes his dad will be coming home sooner than he thought. In a recent interview, the rising Jet Life artist says the New Orleans rapper’s federal sentence was reduced and he could be home in a year’s time if not earlier.

T.Y., who just dropped a project with Curren$y and Cornerboy P titled Jetlanta, sat down with DJ Smallz for a video interview. T.Y. explained that if his father doesn’t become a free man in 2017, the following year is a sure bet.

“His time was shortened. He’s coming home like within probably this year,” T.Y. shared with Smallz. “If not this year, next year for sure, but we shooting for this year, you feel me? Cause he been telling me all kinds of good shit.”



The rising artist added that his father has been shuffled throughout the federal system during his incarceration, making communication touch and go for the pair. “When he was in Pennsylvania, that was like the worst jail,” T.Y. added. “Since he got out that motherfucker everything’s been a lot better. During that time it was rough on him, but he’s doin’ good now.”

As a solo artist, B.G. dropped 10 albums. As a member of the Hot Boys with Juvenile, Lil Wayne, and Turk, he released three projects.