Memphis, Tennessee rapper Blac Youngsta is facing backlash from strippers at Los Angeles’ Ace of Diamonds, after he allegedly skipped out on tipping them during a recent visit.

TMZ reports that Youngsta performed at the L.A. strip joint on Monday (January 9) as part of a paid appearance, and even invited dancers to join him on stage during his performance.

Despite his stripper-heavy performance, the Southern rapper and his crew of about 20 people reportedly left without offering any kind of tip.

“It’s super embarrassing to be on stage, after HE requests you and then doesn’t tip anything,” one stripper said, while speaking with TMZ.

Video of Blac Youngsta’s performance shows money being thrown around, but the rapper was allegedly not responsible for the flurry of cash.

Ironically, it was just over a year ago when Youngsta made headlines for having a surplus of cash on him.

Last January, the rapper was detained in Atlanta after withdrawing $200,000 from his bank account. He was accused of attempting to cash a forged $24,000 check but was later released when it was revealed that authorities were given a wrong description of the suspect.