Montreal, Canada – Travis Scott furthered his reputation for being a bit of a control freak this New Year’s weekend when he kicked a DJ off the stage while he was performing at Montreal’s New City Gas nightclub on December 31.

A clip posted to YouTube shows the 24-year-old rapper speaking to the DJ, saying “Just play a song you fucking moron.”

By the time the DJ finally puts a record on, Scott had lost his patience and announced to the crowd “The worst DJ in Montreal is right there on stage, yo. The best rapper in the world is on stage right now though.”

After the DJ fatally hit the wrong button and killed a beat, Scott sent him for an early shower, saying “Get off the stage, please. This fucking trash-ass DJ is fucking up everything I’m doing right now and it’s pissing me off.”

Scott then took over on the boards, hopping behind the decks and playing the track for “Antidote” — pausing once more when the DJ tried to get back on stage. The rapper-cum-DJ scratched the record wildly and screamed “Montreal!” into the mic.

A report from Mr. Wavvy suggests that fans were disappointed after Travis stopped performing after just four songs, but Scott himself tweeted that he didn’t think the event had been advertised as a full-length concert.

In a now-deleted tweet, Scott wrote “Montreal that was amazing. Sorry my set was short that’s all I was asked. Didn’t know this was a show. We were told it was a club.”

He did, however, leave up a tweet that reassured his Montreal fans that he’d be back soon — presumably with a more compatible DJ.