Kanye West’s meeting with President-elect Donald Trump Tuesday morning (Dec. 13) certainly got a lot of people talking.

Nobody but the flies and the wall can know for certain what the substance of their conversation was — Donald Trump said “life” and Kanye West said “bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and violence in Chicago.”

The internet wasted no time reacting to the meeting however, and that included other high-profile figures from the Hip Hop industry.

YG, who famously put out a song called “Fuck Donald Trump,” was unsurprisingly maddened by Yeezy’s decision to meet with the controversial New Yorker. He simply shared a photo of Trump posing with Kanye, captioned with several steam-nostril emojis.

Other rappers, however, took a different approach to the encounter. A$AP Ferg gave Kanye the benefit of the doubt, tweeting “I think Kanye West was right today for meeting up with Trump !!! You need to know where this man head is at !!! He rules your nation.”

“Ye is strategic not dumb,” he continued.

“I think Kanye West is smarter than we think he is , he’s getting closer to Trump so he can get more insight of his plans!”

Ferg’s rationale seemed to reflect Kanye West’s own thoughts, shared through his Twitter: