St. Lucie, FL

In case you haven’t seen enough political ads this election season, Kodak Black has one more for you. The Florida rapper made his own endorsement for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, which his producer, Dubba-AA, posted to Twitter today for Election Day (November 8).

For his official co-sign, Kodak Black shares a recorded message from jail with “Hail to the Chief” playing in the background.

“Hello my fellow Americans,” the Project Baby rapper says. “Make sure you go out there and vote ’cause every vote counts. Voting is a privilege. If I was able to vote, I’d vote for Hillary. I believe she’ll do a great job with our country. I’m Kodak Black and I approved this message.”

The 19-year-old MC is behind bars in St. Lucie, Florida after he was sentenced for drug charges in September. He is also facing charges of sexual battery in South Carolina.

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Kodak joins many, including Chance The Rapper, YG and Gucci Mane, in encouraging fans to vote. Clinton faces off against Republican hopeful Donald Trump in what has been one of the more heated presidential races in United States history.