Beyonce paid her respects to the late Shawty Lo in the most Beyonce way possible, dancing along to a mix of “Diva” and the rapper’s 2007 hit “Dey Know” during her Formation World Tour stop in Lo’s hometown of Atlanta last night (September 26).

Although the tribute lasted a little under a minute, video footage of Bey paying homage to the Bankhead legend quickly went viral.

Added details in the crash that killed the 40-year-old rapper have gradually been revealed following the release of a 911 recording obtained by 11 Alive this week.

“No, the person was ejected. We’ve got two females outside the vehicle with some injuries. We can’t advise on what the injuries are; the vehicle is still burning,” a dispatcher said during the call. “We have APD units on scene trying to see if there’s anybody else in it, but they can’t hardly get to it.”

Additionally, 11 Alive reports that the official cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head.

Shawty Lo will reportedly be laid to rest on October 1 at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church in Atlanta.