A fake Donald Trump endorsement that features a phony photo of Ice Cube wearing a “Make America Great Again” t-shirt made the rounds online this month and has been brought to the attention of the Los Angeles rapper — and he’s less than pleased.

Cube responded to the bogus endorsement in a series of messages sent on Twitter last week.

“I will never endorse a mothafucka like Donald Trump! EVER!!!,” Ice Cube wrote in a tweet sent on August 27.

In a separate tweet sent the day after, Ice Cube uploaded a photo of the fake endorsement, which reads: “Rapper-actor Ice Cube endorses Trump. We need a common sense president.”

“Stealing endorsements is not how you become the president of the United States, homie. Leave my name out ya mouth…,” he wrote in a tweet that accompanied the photo.

Although Ice Cube is clearly no supporter of Trump, he recently criticized Hillary Clinton over the presidential candidate’s past “super-predators” comments.

“She might be the president of the United States,” Ice Cube said, during a Bloomberg Politics interview in April. “And if she becomes the president of the United States, we need to know what she’s thinking. How does she think? How is she gonna handle this? How’s she gonna fix this? She helped create it in a way. How are you gonna fix this?”

Ice Cube’s tweets blasting Donald Trump over the fake endorsement can be found below.