Chance The Rapper uploaded a 58-second verse to Twitter on Wednesday (August 10), praising his lady (who filmed the video) and giving a glimpse into his family life, complete with baby’s high chair in the background.

The verse now has more 225,000 retweets, and has inspired hundreds of others to share their own tales of love and life over the beat from Monica’s 2003 R&B hit “So Gone.”

The initial verse caught the attention of Monica herself, as well as Missy Elliott, who co-wrote the song.

Rapper/professional basketball player Damian Lillard dropped one of the most-viewed versions of the song.

Here are some more of the best we found, as well as the one that Chance crowned the winner of the competition.

#sogonechallenge #bars @monicabrown @missymisdemeanorelliott

A video posted by Mainey V. (@planetmainey) on

This one is fire and has been widely shared on Twitter, but it’s SUPER NSFW (as in there’s porn in it) so we’ll link to it instead of embedding it.

And here’s the video Chance declared the winner of the challenge.