Otaku Gang continues its winning streak by bringing fans slick rhymes over favorite Nintendo 64 sounds on a mixtape called OG64.

The 8-track project has samples from “Super Mario,” “Zelda,” “Star Fox,” “Golden Eye 007” and “Perfect Dark.”

“The Nintendo 64 was home to some of the most iconic soundtracks in video game history,” Richie Branson, one half of Otaku Gang, says to HipHopDX, “so we wanted to pay homage to that era with a mixtape that combines those classic melodies with today’s style of Hip Hop.”

The project features rhymes from Branson’s cousin, Solar Slim, who is the other member of Otaku Gang. Features come from Nick Pratt, Martale, Kada Loc and Don Slim.

Otaku Gang burst onto the scene with mashups of The Notorious B.I.G. and Star Wars called Life After Death Star and a video game mimicking the Drake-Meek Mill beef with a very special appearance from 50 Cent. The group also released Marshall vs. Capcom, a remix of Eminem favorites to a “Street Fighter” soundtrack and had Super Mario do a XXL Freshman freestyle where he dissed Desiigner.

HipHopDX spoke with the duo about its vision to combine video games and music. The Japanese term “Otaku” usually refers to someone who is nerdy, but Otaku Gang is bringing new meaning to the word.

“We’d figure we’d flip it and kind of bring it into a positive way and use it to kinda show people who like different things,” Branson said. “They may be into music a lot or they may be into video games or movies or comics or anime. So Otaku Gang is basically representing those people who have sort of those interests that the mainstream may not [deem] acceptable.”

OG64 comes in anticipation for Otaku Gang’s final mashup, Overwatch The Throne, which will combine the sounds of “Overwatch” with Jay Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne album.

Download OG64 over at OtakuGang.com.

Check out Otaku Gang’s OG64 cover art, tracklist and stream below:

Otaku Gang "OG64" mixtape cover art
  1. OG Mario Bros
  2. OctoPussy (GoldenEye 007 N64)
  3. Potion Shop (Zelda N64)
  4. Water World (Super Mario N64)
  5. Perfect Dark (Perfect Dark N64)
  6. Circle Tight (Star Fox 64)
  7. Star Fox (Star Fox 64)
  8. Ocarina Of Time (Zelda N64)