In celebration with the release of Street Fighter V, Otaku Gang remixed classic Eminem cuts to the soundtrack of the popular video game series to create Marshall vs. Capcom, named after the Detroit rapper’s The Marshall Mathers LP and the Japanese video game developer.

Marshall vs. Capcom is comprised of 15 tracks from throughout Slim Shady’s career including the hits “Till I Collapse,” “Lose Yourself” and “Stan.”

The music is said to be available for download directly into the game, which is available for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Otaku Gang, made up of Richie Branson and Solar Slim, is also responsible for the Life After Death Star mashup of The Notorious B.I.G. and Star Wars and the “Meeky Mill” video game, a parody of the Drake-Meek Mill beef.

In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, the group explained how the process of making Marshall vs. Capcom was different than Life After Death Star.

“His flow is so crazy, it’s all over the place,” Solar Slim says of remixing Eminem. “And he sings on pretty much everything. From a producer’s standpoint, you can’t just make a beat. You can’t just make sure that the beat fits around it and the groove fits around it. Now you have to match the key. When you’re dealing with samples, we’re only limited to Street Fighter samples, the challenge becomes so much greater.”

Download Otaku Gang’s Eminem and Street Fighter V mashup, Marshall vs. Capcom at

The Marshall vs. Capcom cover art, tracklist and stream are below:

Marshall vs Capcom Otaku Gang Cover Art
  1. Till I Collapse (Street Fighter Remix)
  2. Business (Street Fighter Remix)
  3. A** Like That (Street Fighter Remix)
  4. The Way I Am (Street Fighter Remix)
  5. SuperMan (Street Fighter Remix)
  6. Lose Yourself (Street Fighter Remix)
  7. Cammy Interlude
  8. Macosa (Street Fighter Remix)
  9. Soldier (Street Fighter Remix)
  10. Fight Music (Street Fighter Remix)
  11. Cleanin’ Out My Closet (Street Fighter Remix)
  12. Stan (Street Fighter Remix)
  13. When The Music Stops (Street Fighter Remix)
  14. BONUS: Combo Fiend (feat. Richie Branson, Solar Slim)
  15. BONUS: Chun Li (feat. Solar Slim, Martale)