Nick Cannon has been in countless rap battles over the years as the host of the comedy/improv show “Wild ‘n Out,” but now it looks like he wants to raise the stakes.

The comedian issued an open challenge on Twitter recently to battle him, as long as the opponent puts up $100,000. The theoretical battle would go down during the 2016 BET Awards weekend in Los Angeles on June 25. He also mentions that it would be three two-minute rounds and that the crowd would decide the winner.

Several rappers have shown interest in the offer, but so far it doesn’t look like anything is confirmed. Cannon has also started floating the idea that there might be a full card on the horizon for the event.

Over the years “Wild ‘N Out” has grown to include some MCs from the modern era of battle rap, with Conceited, Hitman Holla and most recently Harlem battler Charlie Clips all joining the cast.

Battle rap has featured prominently at BET’s award shows before. Snoop Dogg and Murda Mook put together a full card for “Gladiator School” at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta in 2014, and a slew of battle MCs hit the live cyphers in 2014 and 2015.

Most battle rappers seem to think they’d walk away with the win over Cannon and his crew easily, but are either unwilling or unable to pony up the stake. Here are some of the responses from around Twitter.