Snoop Dogg’s “Gladiator School” Battle Rap event Friday (September 19) featured a battle between Arsonal and John John Da Don. 

“Arsonal showed himself to be a higher pedigree than almost everyone else who hit the stage,”’s Chris Mitchell says of the match-up in his “Everything You Missed At Snoop Dogg’s Gladiator School” article. “His performance was laser-focused and his writing has improved noticeably (ie. not one mention of Squidward or his clarinet … though there may have been a Pokemon reference in there).”

Mitchell also says that Calicoe’s battle with Hitman Holla was among the “Gladiator School’s” most memorable match-ups.

“The highlight was a well-delivered concept that contrasted Calicoe’s authentic street cred with Hitman Holla’s alleged Hollywood artificiality,” he writes. “That Hitman had a camera crew following him around at times filming for Nelly’s upcoming BET reality show didn’t help to shake the characterization.”

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