Conceited and Big T released a video blog yesterday (April 23) where they imagined industry rappers battling acts from the Battle Rap scene. 

“What I think DNA would be a perfect match for would be Lloyd Banks,” Conceited says. “I know Lloyd Banks is one of his favorite, I think DNA versus Lloyd Banks would be crazy. I think that’d be crazy.”

Considering himself in his first example, Big T discussed battling Freddie Gibbs.

“I think me versus Freddie Gibbs would be a good battle,” he says. “First of all, I think he been talking a lot of shit about battlers or whatever. He just defended himself, as any rapper would do, as far as do he think he could kill all the battle rappers. But I think that come from him not knowing what’s going on because there’s a whole new field…It wasn’t an interview. I think somebody just asked him about–I have no idea. [Someone] tagged me [on Twitter] like, ‘Freddie Gibbs said he’ll kill ya’ll.’ I told him I’m right there on the street. You in Gary. I’m right in Chicago, so you know we don’t gotta do too much traveling.”

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