Bronx, NY

While no charges have been brought up against Afrika Bambaataa in his crippling child molestation drama, there are still many who believe he is guilty even without the legal paperwork.

Earlier this month, a Bronx man, who identifies himself as OG Half Pint, sat down with Doggie Diamonds TV and grew increasingly livid whenever the “Planet Rock” creator’s name was the focal point of his recollections. According to his own memories, Bambaataa started the “corny ass Zulu Nation” as a scheme to prey on little boys and had no reservations in calling him a “fucked up dude.”

“Just because he’s a pedophile doesn’t mean he’s stupid. Actually, he’s real cunning,” Half Pint fumed. It was said tactics that Half Pint says caused his suspicions to raise when he was a pre-teen and Bambaataa allegedly wanted to have a literal pissing contest and made a pass at him while he doing his business at the toilet.

“I’m gonna tell y’all how he tried this shit with me. I was 12-years-old,” he recalled, admitting he was a wild runaway as youth, always looking for an adventure. “When I started hanging out down the hill, thank God for Steve and Kato in the building. I’ll never forget Steve had told me, ‘Watch that nigga faggot ass nigga Bambaataa’ but Kato had told me, ‘Don’t be in no rooms with that nigga Bambaataa and if he try anything, let me know.’

Shortly after, Half Pint claims he learned first-hand why he got such alarming advice.

“We was [in Bambaataa’s house] fucking with the music in there and I said, ‘Bam I gotta go to the bathroom,'” he began. “So I goes to the bathroom and like four seconds later, this nigga comes to the bathroom like ‘Half Pint I gotta get something outta the bathroom,’ looking in the medicine cabinet and don’t find nothing but then, I’m peeing already and this nigga goes ‘Ooh, I gotta pee!’ and whips his dick out and pees and I’m looking at his dick and he’s looking at mine and I’m 12-years-old and I know this isn’t normal.”

Half Pint went on to describe how the alleged awkward moment caused him to tense up, subsequently getting Bambaataa to back off because he was a “professional pedophile” and he was equipped with the mutant power to sense when a kid wasn’t with it. He thanked God for Steve and Kato’s guidance as well.

Repping the Bronx River projects hard, Half Pint also adamatenly asserted his beliefs that the Zulu Nation is rooted in paedophilia and was founded for the sole reason of Bambaataa attracted young boys do his bidding.

“That muthafucka goes to Africa in the early 70s…and he went over there fucking them little boys, sucking their dicks because they’re poor. And he’s slick and his mind is cunning; he’s tricky, he a snake, he’s a pedophile. That sound like some type of snake. And he went over there and did that with all those boys and in the process of being over there and comes back with this Zulu Nation shit. And this is his reason for having boys around. He knows his plan.”

Bambaataa stands accused of molesting at least three men when they were boys and a former bodyguard has made similar claims that align with Half Pint’s own.

The full 30-minute testimony can be viewed down below.