Kehlani has an advocate in fellow Bay Area artist Bambu. The Oakland rapper took to Twitter today (March 30) to demand to fight Chris Brown after the Virginia singer mocked Kehlani for posting about her suicide attempt on Instagram.

“Yo @chrisbrown, fight me,” Bambu says. “Fuck you and your fake ass gang ties. Let me show you what this LA neighborhood life is really about. #KEHLANI”

Brown has made headlines for repping the Bloods while people question his gang affiliation.

Bambu continues his jabs at the “Liquor” singer, saying that he has fallen off since his debut as a teenager and referencing his assault charges for beating up Rihanna.

“Fuck you fake LA hood hoppers supporting this little coward ass child star,” he says. “Beating women don’t qualify you to speak on women.@chrisbrown”

Bambu says he feels a special responsibility to defending Kehlani, the 20-year-old songstress who was nominated at this year’s Grammy Awards.

“As an Oakland resident, I know how much the Yay loves #KEHLANI” he says, “+ as a MAN, I don’t find pleasure in attacking a young woman on social media.”

Bambu concludes by saying that he is disappointed at the attention he is getting for confronting Brown. He also tweets about social issues such as police brutality, immigration and education.

“I wish y’all retweeted me this much when I go in on pigs, politicians and combatting community issues…” he writes. “But, hey, it’s Twitter. Ha.”


View Bambu’s tweets blasting Chris Brown for his comments about Kehlani below: