Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club is known for its insightful interviews not only with rappers, but with actors, comedians and various celebrities.

DJ Star is claiming that the show, in particular one of the hosts DJ Envy, took a September interview with The Game too far and, according to TMZ, he is suing for $10 million.

During the interview, DJ Envy asks The Game about his various beefs. The Compton, California rapper has feuded with Stitches, Young Thug and others this past year. DJ Envy asks about a time when The Game stood up for him against DJ Star.

“I was like, dude, I’ll break your jaw, dude,” The Game says. “Envy is my dog. I’m still gonna break his jaw when I see him.”

The Game was reportedly threatened with arrest if he returned to New York after DJ Star notified the police of his comments on the program.

DJ Star is suing for defamation and claims that DJ Envy derailed his career.

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