DJ Paul says the late Koopsta Knicca “was like a son to me.”

During a newly-released interview with DJ Smallz Eyes, DJ Paul spoke on his relationship with the late Koopsta Knicca. The Three 6 Mafia rapper was specifically asked to share one of his favorite memories with Koopsta, who passed away late last year at the age of 40.

As someone who served as Koopsta’s roommate for several years, DJ Paul revealed that he has a number of memories he’ll never share. He did refer to his relationship with Koopsta as somewhat of a father-son relationship, as he recalled picking up the rapper from a group home before they began living together.

“He was like a son to me,” DJ Paul said. “I got Koop out of a group home…And we basically just fuckin’ partied every single fuckin’ day. Everybody would come over to that house. Project Pat would come over to that house. Juicy would come over to that house…We basically just cooked every day. Got high every day. Rolled some. Played beats. Made beats.”

Although he didn’t share a specific, favorite memory, DJ Paul did credit Koopsta for his cooking skills.

“I got too many of ‘em…In my house, Koopsta was my roommate,” he said. “In my very first house. So, boy. We used to have girls over. And man, oh man. I got a bunch of memories with Koop that I won’t never tell…I think this was like 1994 when me and Koop lived together. We just had a blast. It was just me and him. And he could cook the shit out of chitlins. Me and Koop must have ate—I can’t believe we didn’t die back then from all that God damn pork. We would take chitlins and then we would cut up peppers and put ‘em up in there. So, we would make spicy chitlins, which gave you even extra heartburn.”

Video of DJ Paul speaking on his relationship with Koopsta Knicca, can be found below.