DJ Paul says his favorite Lord Infamous memory involved the two making their Portrait Of A Serial Killa EP.

Well over two years after the death of Three 6 Mafia member Lord Infamous, DJ Paul was asked to share his favorite moment with Infamous, during an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes. According to DJ Paul, it was when the two made their Portrait Of A Serial Killa EP in 1989.

He recalled making the project for less than $100, and later selling 200 copies while at school.

“When we made the Serial Killa album. Our first tape ever,” DJ Paul said. “It was the EP. And like three songs on there, I think it was. It was called Portrait Of A Serial Killa. I would say that was our favorite. We took the picture for the tape right in front of my mama’s house…But I would say recording that album was probably my best memory of Lord Infamous with us together. Cause that was our first—we really did it. We recorded it over my friend’s house, named DJ Just Born from Memphis. He charged us $30 a song to record. So, I guess we probably had less than 100 bucks in the album. And we sold 200 copies of it.”

DJ Paul also clarified that Da Mafia 6ix didn’t actually travel with Lord Infamous’ real casket during their “Triple 6ix Sinners Tour.”

“The casket wasn’t his real casket,” he said. “It was just a wooden box that I got made that looked cool…We had a guy that would act like he was Lord Infamous. And he would lift up. I remember one girl almost fainted one day…Lord Infamous real casket cost about $15,000, that I paid for. After the tour was over, I gave the casket to a neighbor of mine that helped me build the casket. I gave it to his son…It was funny. People was trippin’. ‘Are you really bringing Lord Infamous’ casket out on stage?’ I’m like ‘[We] can’t really do that.’”

Video of DJ Paul speaking on his favorite Lord Infamous memory, can be found below.