In honor of the late Lord Infamous, Da Mafia 6ix member DJ Paul recently teamed up with Good Wood to release the Lord Infamous Smoke Kit Box. While promoting the smoke kit, which pays homage to the Memphis, Tennessee rapper, DJ Paul spoke exclusively with about Lord Infamous.

In addition to sharing his funniest Lord Infamous story, DJ Paul was asked to name his favorite Lord Infamous record. The Da Mafia 6ix member went on to name “Where Is Da Bud” as his favorite record. He says it was the only record the two worked together on the beat for. The rapper then recalled releasing the video for “Where Is Da Bud” shortly before Lord Infamous’ death.

“‘Where Is Da Bud,’ because it was the only track that me and him collaborated together on the beat,” DJ Paul said. “I always made the beat and he wrote the songs, but in that particular song, he knew how to play the guitar a little bit. So in that particular song he picked up the guitar and played the bass line, so I got on the keyboard and I replayed it and I put all the samples and all the drums behind it and that was the best one and the biggest one.

“And the best part about that song is that it never had a video because it came out in like 1991, when making a video was worth $200,000,” he added. “But we just decided to shoot the video when we worked on Da Mafia 6ix album recently for that song and that was the last video he shot, and he died a week after that video came out. So it was great to have a video to his biggest hit, for him to see it. And he called me one day and was like, ‘Paul, we got one million views on WorldStar,’ and I told him, ‘Ricky, you looking at it wrong, that’s 12 million views.’ That was a great moment.”

DJ Paul also spoke on how his partnership with Good Wood came about. He says he initially spoke with the New York City-based company about collaborating on ideas for himself and Da Mafia 6ix, but chose to first work on the Lord Infamous Smoke Kit Box.

“My publicist, Dove, she hooked it up,” DJ Paul said. “So she told me about Good Wood NYC being a company to team up with, so I got on the phone with Richard and all of them and we talked about doing some different DJ Paul stuff and Mafia 6 stuff. But we ended up bringing out the Lord Infamous Smoke Box first because his birthday was coming up and we just thought that would be the proper way to do it, and it came out great. The funny thing about it is that they made the box purple on their own and that was Lord Infamous’ favorite color. Like, he was a big Prince fan and Purple Rain.”

Later in the interview, DJ Paul revealed that he plans to release a solo album next year and is also planning on releasing his own hot sauce next year as well.

Lord Infamous passed away last December after suffering from a heart attack. He was one of the founding members of Three 6 Mafia and also half-brother to DJ Paul.

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