DJ Paul says that Da Mafia 6ix’s Triple 6ix Sinners Tour was the first time in 15 years that the majority of the original members of Three 6 Mafia had been around each other for an extended amount of time.

DJ Paul, Gangsta Boo, Crunchy Black, Lord Infamous and Koopsta Knicca are five of the six original members of Three 6 Mafia, which also includes Juicy J. The quintet assembled as Da Mafia 6ix last year while Juicy J was enjoying success as a solo artist.

“Everybody has changed over the years,” DJ Paul says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “We just did what was gonna be best for the fans because that overall was what it’s really, really about. Putting the group back together, nobody was gonna get rich off it, but it was done to make the fans happy. This was supposed to be a one-album reunion tour, do the tour, then do our own thing. But we got so many songs left over and we started recording new songs and the fans started asking for an album. They album fans. The fans asked for physical CDs. They gave us the tour and the mixtape was only out a few weeks and people were asking about 100-city tours.”

The resulting tour, the Triple 6ix Sinners Tour, launched in February. The group brought Lord Infamous’ casket on the trek with them. He passed away in December.

Da Mafia 6ix released its 6ix Commandments mixtape in November and the Memphis group’s forthcoming Watch What U Wish album will likely be released in October. 

“We got some crazy shit on there,” DJ Paul said of Watch What U Wish during an interview with HipHopDX last month. “The production, we stepped it up a level because we didn’t want to be one of those groups that’s stuck in that old sound. Even though on Da Mafia 6ix 6ix Commandments mixtape, they got the old sound in there, but it got a new flair on it. This album will be the same way. It’s still gonna have the old stuff on it, it’s still gonna be gritty and grimy, but it’ll have a taste of the newer flavor on there.”

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