R. Kelly has been a beacon of controversy for the better part of two decades but most recently, there has been a resurgence in his name being swirled around thanks to the interviews he has chosen to take on.

Shortly before Christmas, he made headlines when he repeatedly refused to answer any questions during his sit-down with Huffington Post before walking out of the interview all together. And just last week, the 49-year-old R&B icon gave GQ one of the most bizarre interviews ever witnessed where managed to defend Bill Cosby, claim he didn’t know who Dave Chappelle was and stopped and stuttered when it came to discussing Aaliyah.

GQ not only got Kelly on record but they got him on film as well (no, not like that). During the second installment of their interview with the man whose last studio release’s title, The Buffet was upgraded from White Panties, there are plenty more eyebrow-raising moments; in both senses of the phrase.

Kelly’s mother Joanne died in 1993, shortly before his first album was released, which instantaneously made him into a superstar. Opening up for GQ’s cameras, Kellz vividly remembers his outings to McDonalds with his mother where he would drink from the lipstick-stained portion of her coffee and he even admitted to having affections for that delve deep into the realm of the Oedipus complex.

“In a son/mother way, I had a serious, serious crush on my mom,” Kelly recalled. “I just looked up and down to her. I looked around. I looked everything about my mother. Y’know, I loved her. And I even asked her to marry me on day–she said ‘no,’ but I understood.”

During the next interview portion of the encounter, the highly decorated signer flipped the script and sung as he ran through his life story–for 45 minutes. It’s a tale of love, joy and pain that has been reflected without a shadow of a doubt through the man’s professional and personal life.

Watch the two clips below.