During a newly-released interview, Chxpo says he didn’t take aim at the late A$AP Yams on “Cookin Yams.”

While speaking with Hip Hop Revival, Cleveland rapper Chxpo was asked about his “Cookin Yams” record, which was assumed to be a diss aimed at A$AP Yams and A$AP Mob. According to Chxpo, he was “just playing” on the record, and described the song as being more of a message to A$AP Mob than a diss.

“I was just playing, for real,” Chxpo said. “I was just playing…That shit really wasn’t about nothing. That was some weak shit. That shit wasn’t nothing. We drop shit all the time. I was just playing with them fuck boys. You feel me? Fuck A$AP Mob. It wasn’t no diss song. It was a message. I don’t got no problems. Like big bro Future said, ‘Long live A$AP Yams.’ We off that codeine right now. It wasn’t really no diss. It was a message to them niggas.”

Chxpo later recalled there being a peace treaty between SpaceGhostPurrp and those in A$AP Mob, but says it came to an end when A$AP Rocky began “sneak dissing on the internet.”

“We was been trying to get on they ass, but SpaceGhost he was sparing them niggas…It was a little peace treaty,” he said. “But that shit dead now. A$AP Rocky was sneak dissing on the internet and shit. But only message I got to the public is it wasn’t no A$AP Yams diss, it was an A$AP Mob diss. I didn’t say ‘Fuck A$AP Yams.’ I said ‘Fuck A$AP Mob’…I ain’t beefing with nobody. Everybody I beefing with dead…If a nigga wanna go to war, we can go to war. But I ain’t beefing with nobody at the moment.”

“Cookin Yams” was released last week, and comes years after SpaceGhost began his feud with those in A$AP Mob.

Video of Chxpo speaking on “Cookin Yams,” can be found below.

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