Spotify was hit with a lawsuit Friday (January 8) by singer-songwriter Melissa Ferrick over what she claims are unfair royalty payments, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Ferrick claims “wholesale copyright infringement” by the streaming service of her 17 albums worth of work. Spotify has 75 million users.

This is the latest development in Spotify’s ongoing battle over proper compensation. It was sued in December for $150 million for distributing music without proper licenses by David Lowery, who is the frontman for Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker.

Taylor Swift has also criticized the streaming service for not paying artists for their music.

Today, (January 11), it was announced that Apple Music had reached 10 million subscribers in its first six months, a feat Spotify took six years to reach. Spotify also has a free option that is backed by advertisements, a service that Apple Music does not provide.

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