Watts, California rapper Kam recalled introducing Ice Cube to the Nation of Islam, and cutting his Jheri curl off, during a new interview.

While speaking with Vlad TV, West Coast musician Kam revealed that he was the one who cut fellow artist, Ice Cube’s Jheri curl off. He also explained that the two exchanged information with one another about their interests.

According to Kam, Ice Cube shared his knowledge of music, while he informed Cube about the Nation of Islam.

“I did that,” Kam said while speaking on cutting Ice Cube’s hair. “They left that out in the movie. Yeah, I cut his curl off. We was cool like that, so that ain’t nothing…He wasn’t NOI [Nation of Islam], but he was studying—He was aware, but yeah, he wasn’t NOI…Just brotherhood. Just sharing information, sharing experiences. He had a lot to offer me that was attractive to me about his lifestyle and music. What I had to offer, what I brought to the table was my lifestyle and experience. And it was just a mutual exchange of what I was into versus what he was into, and bringing them together…He brought me around the music thang. He put me on on the music thang. And I put him on on the brotherhood thang.”

In regards to whether or not Ice Cube ever officially joined the Nation of Islam, Kam offered a yes and no answer. He explained that given the former N.W.A rapper’s celebrity, it would be hard for him to fully join.

“I would say ‘yeah’ and ‘no.’ Because all of us—If you know the definition, Islam is just an Arabic word that means submission or peace,” he said. “One of our definitions is mathematics. It’s just mathematics, science, truth. So, all of it. All human beings is actually Muslim if you understand it right. As far as that specific organization. And the rules and regulations, and all of that. Yeah, he agreed. And he accepted his own. But by him being a high profile person, entertainer, celebrity, and all that, you can’t bring a person down to boot camp level if he already got the ear of millions.”

Video of Kam speaking on introducing Ice Cube to the Nation of Islam, can be found below.