I have to be honest. I wouldn’t have picked up this album if
I didn’t have to review it. After listening to it though, I can say that it’s
real solid. Kam has been able to
maintain the original West coast flava that brought recognition to the coast in
the first place.

The album starts with a feel good track Kamnesia,
and goes right into the head bobbin’ Have
a fit
. Best to have the system handlin’ some major wattage to feel this
one! Where I come from and Bounce Trick however, are more of the
same bitin’ of the south that has become cliché on all rap albums. Benefits is a product of tight
production and strong lyrics from Kam.
The illest jam on the album the Bob
-esque sounding Bang Bang.
It guest stars Mystic, who does the
chorus. Pound this shit in the SUV or convertible to the beach and you’ll feel
me! What I look like is the other
track guest-starring Mystic that
pales in comparison to her other showing. They
like Dat
is another requisite pounder, but even with the appearance of Jayo Felony, it’s rather dry. Godbrotha is self-explanatory in that Kam takes the persona of a Godfather
Don. If Scarface hadn’t done this
over 6 years ago, it may have been refreshing. Active is a personal fave, for the rhyme scheme and tight
production on the track. The final track Wardance
is a little gimmicky in its delivery and production, but fits along with
the rest of the album.

And if there is any complaint, it’s that there really isn’t anything that
different that’s occurring here. You’ve heard it before, but that’s not
necessarily bad. It’s just not necessarily great either.

Reviewed by: Afrikka