Genius has announced its “The Rap Geniuses of 2015.”

Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Vince Staples are among the artists who made the inaugural list, which was selected by visitors. 

“A ‘Rap Genius’ is someone who has excelled in creating, innovating, and dominating rap music,” the site says. “And since 2015 was one of the best Hip Hop years in recent memory, this list is packed with unique talent.

Kendrick Lamar was named 2015’s “Rap Genius.

“Artists like Drake relied on pop-sensibility to muscle their way into the conversation, but Kendrick let his heart and soul become the conversation itself,” Genius writes of the Compton, California rapper. “This is what separates him from the rest. His relative silence outside of the music proved that the power he could muster with mere musical presence was stronger than any campaign. There was no major press run, no memes, no beefs stoked purely for camera clicks and tongue wagging.”

Drake was the No. 3 Rap Genius. “He broke records, careers, charts and even the Internet,” the site says. “The self-proclaimed 6 God released two projects with a combined 1.5 million units soldcharted a whopping 36 times, and became Spotify’s most-streamed artist of the year. All this while securing $20 million dollars and a radio show from Apple, headlining Coachella and dropping his own pair of Jordan sneakers.”

For #7 Genius Vince Staples, his recognition came primarily because of his music. “Summertime ’06 is one of the best albums released in 2015, a favorite of critics and fans alike,” Genius writes. “No hits, no publicity stunts, just his heart and soul. That’s why we love Vince Staples.”

To see the full Genius list of “The Rap Geniuses of 2015,” visit Genius.

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