Jadakiss says DMX is “definitely” coming back, during Tim Westwood interview.

Jadakiss and Sheek Louch of The Lox spoke briefly on fellow rapper, DMX while appearing on Tim Westwood’s radio show this week. Jada revealed that the New York wordsmith “is good,” while Sheek Louch clarified that the rapper’s personality has stayed the same since day one.

“X is good. Definitely,” Jadakiss said when asked if DMX is coming back.

“He never changed. He’s been that way from the jump,” Sheek Louch added.

Earlier in the week, an arrest warrant was issued for DMX after he missed a court appearance.

Later in the interview, Styles P spoke on the leak of his album, A Wise Guy And A Wise Guy. He explained that as an independent artist he had to get a jump on the leak.

“It leaked and then I leaked it,” Styles P said. “It leaked and I leaked it myself. That’s what you gotta do, so you don’t miss the money. Independence is a tricky game. You gotta be smart about it. When it leaks, you gotta be able to push the button yourself…And when I do know I won’t say anyway because I just wouldn’t say that. I’ll find out. The truth always comes out…Karma’s a mother-effer. Karma will do the trick.”

Video of The Lox speaking on DMX and their solo projects, can be found below.