Months prior to the intended October release of Styles P’s A Wise Guy And A Wise Guy album, the project has leaked online. According to Complex, due to the leak, The LOX lyricist has chosen to make the album available through both Spotify and iTunes.

Over the weekend, Styles P sent a message on Twitter about the ordeal, which he says was due to promotion getting “screwed up.”

“Promotion got screwed up but we don’t cry over spilled milk so if u like the album do me a favor n tell a friend to tell a friend,” Styles P tweeted on August 16.

Consisting of exactly 20 tracks, A Wise Guy And A Wise Guy includes guest appearances from Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, Chris Rivers, and more.

The complete tracklist for A Wise Guy And A Wise Guy, as well as a Spotify stream for the album, can be found below.

01. Styles P – Other
02. Styles P – My Party (Feat. Jadakiss)
03. Styles P – Fly (Feat. Sofi Green & Tyler Woods)
04. Styles P – Telly Port (Feat. Snype Life)
05. Styles P – I’m a Beast (Feat. Sheek Louch)
06. Styles P – Get Your Weight Up (Feat. Whispers)
07. Styles P – Convo with Shawty (Interlude)
08. Styles P – Together (Feat. Chris Rivers)
09. Styles P – Satisfaction Jackson (Interlude)
10. Styles P – If I Should Fly Away (Feat. Tyler Woods)
11. Styles P – I Gotta Tell You (Interlude)
12. Styles P – Life Time
13. Styles P – Rawwww (Interlude)
14. Styles P – Hate It Or Love It (Feat. Dyce Payne)
15. Styles P – Bring It In (Feat. Fortes)
16. Styles P – White Niggaz (You Are Too)
17. Styles P – Welcome To NY (Feat. Snype Life, Dave East & Nino Man)
18. Styles P – Money Change You
19. Styles P – Ghost In Me (Feat. Dyce Payne)
20. Styles P – Tear The Club Up (Feat. LVB’s, Chary Ary & PLF)

Styles P Wise Guy