During an interview with P La Cangri on El Bloke Radio, The Game’s manager Wack 100 details punching Stitches in Miami. He says that he taught the Miami rapper a lesson by punching him in the midst of his beef with The Game.

“He’s a kid, so he ain’t been living long enough to deal with certain people in certain situations,” The Game’s manager says. “I’m a little older, so I don’t have a problem coming with the hands. So hopefully that might wake him up and help him understand that this shit out here is not a game.”

Wack 100 says that because Stitches has a bigger build, he’s probably never been in a real fight, but could use the power of intimidation to keep people away from him.

“Look at this dude, he talks real loud,” Wack 100 says. “He put tattoos on his face. So you’re dealing with a dude who’s really trying to lie to himself and psyche himself out like he’s really that. And really, you’re not. ‘Cause when we got to the county jail, he didn’t want it. The staff was gonna let it happen. He didn’t want it. I told the youngster, I’m a convict, so once I got to the county jail, I’m now in convict mode. He didn’t want it.”

Both Stitches and Wack 100 were taken into police custody following the altercation.

Wack 100 says that Stitches was planning to create another social media post to bolster his tough-guy image while waiting for The Game and his crew outside of the club.

“He knew that we were inside,” Wack 100 says. “Everybody knows that at club Story, the police presence is heavy. They don’t give a damn whoever’s in there. It could be a bunch of old ladies. The police are gonna be at Story. So this was his whole plot: show up, do my editing in front of the building. OK, he comes out, the cops are over here, Ima have a shouting match back-and-forth. Nobody’s going to do anything because the cops are here. Ima go back, edit my little footage and my fans will believe what I say and then it’s cool. That’s what he thought. But where I come from, you get down and you get mad at win lose or draw whatever the consequence. Ain’t happening like that. That’s why I took the case. I took the handcuffs. I took the incarceration. Whatever it is. We ain’t giving no passes.”

The Game and Stitches have gone back and forth on social media. The beef started when Stitches questioned The Game‘s authenticity.

Listen to the audio below as The Game’s manager Wack 100 details punching Stitches outside Story nightclub in Miami.

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