Ghostface Killah and Action Bronson feuded this summer after Bronson claimed the Wu-Tang Clan member no longer raps in his signature style. Ghostface published a video telling Bronson he would “gut you like a pig.”

Wu-Tang affiliate Popa Wu confronted Bronson at Sean Price’s wake in another chapter of the saga.

Web developers Swamp Penguins has created a computer video game based on the rappers’ beef. The soundtrack to the game is a digitized version of Bronson’s “Actin’ Crazy.”

“The wonderful adventures of BronBron and the 36 chambers,” the game description says. “Ghosts and ghouls and drugs and rap. Is the Wu Tang Clan something to fuck with? Will mr.fabulous escape the clutches of the evil face that also happens to be a ghost? How hard will ghostface grab his nuts? What about the wu tang affiliates? Will killah beez come for dem kneez? Find out next time on Whats beef.”

Play the game here. (Note: The game works best on Safari and Firefox.)

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