By now, the voice and style comparisons between Ghostface Killah and Action Bronson have grown tiresome as each has been asked about it far too many times.

Sports media doesn’t get to speak as in-depth with those in Hip Hop as often so more general and worn topics are often on the docket, especially when it comes to shorter television segments.

Recently sitting down with ESPN’s SportsNation, Mr. Wonderful was asked about sounding like Ghost by host Marcellus Wiley. As always, the Flushing, Queens native called the Wu-Tang Clan emcee one of the best to ever do it.

“I think it’s indifferent to me at this point,” he said when asked about the comparisons. “People are going to make comparisons regardless… And I’m just glad it’s one of the greats.” But after that it seemed like Bronson, who has been annoyed since the jump about the comparisons in voice and style, threw a little shade on Ghostface when co-host Max Kellerman said that he was a huge GFK fan. Action replied with, “[Ghostface] isn’t rapping like this no more.”

Action Bronson would later take to Twitter to clarify his statements about Ghost. In the since been deleted tweets, Bronson called Ghostface Killah an “idol” and to say he wasn’t influenced by him “would be a lie.” He also took a shot at media and says he’s tired of answering the same questions. He ended by admitting it wasn’t his “finest hour” either.

Ghostface Killah released his Twelve Reasons to Die II on Friday (June 10). It’s his third album release in the last three years.

Watch the Action Bronson segment below:

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