In the beginning of his career Action Bronson couldn’t seem to get away from comparisons to Ghostface Killah. The chatter about Bronson’s delivery sounding like Ghost’s slowly thinned out but in a new interview the Wu-Tang Clan rapper addresses his initial reaction to hearing a voice so similar to his own on a track.

“I thought he was me one day, you know what I mean?” Ghost said in a new interview with VladTV. “When I heard some shit that I never even fucking—when I first got put on and shit. I’m asking myself, ‘When the fuck I do that verse?’ They pulled up on the YouTube, I’m like, ‘When the fuck I do [that]?’ It was him. So when I seen him he was like, ‘Yo, everybody saying I sound like you. I’m not trying sound like you man, this how my voice is.’ He was a good dude, humbled and shit.”

Ghost added on, “If that’s not the tone of your voice, then it’s like, ‘Yo bro, you a great actor.’ Only Jamie Foxx and them niggas could do that shit. I don’t know.”

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