Ghostface is launching his second album with Adrian Younge from their “12 Reasons To Die” series on July 10.

Ghostface has proven that he can do what Jay-Z does best and get airtime in the the younger generations’ headphones, even in his fourties. Adaptable while maintaining authenticity is something we can all respect Ghost for. Countless rappers fall off because they have a hard time staying relevant—it is a legitimate and daily struggle for any older cat in the game.
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However, throughout the last few years, Ghostface has launched other collaborative albums, such as “Sour Soul” with Toronto natives BadBadNotGood, which fused Ghostface’s favorite traditional jazz, with BBNG’s more modern interpretation of it. BBNG’s jazz is mixed with instrumental HipHop, electronica and post-bop. Blending with the BBNG trio and creating this sonic concoction allowed Ghost to put out a project more relevant to today’s younger generation (who do the most of the purchasing), while maintaining his own staple sound.

Respect to the man. Presenting to you here is the legendary emcee’s 12 Reasons To Die II, now available for pre-order, and the single from the album “Resurrection”featuring Raekwon and Bilal.