Popa Wu says that his interaction with Action Bronson at Sean Price’s wake Tuesday (August 11) was blown out of proportion.

“It was in the parking lot,” Popa Wu says to MTV. “And it was so many people. We were just in the corner talking. We was just talkin’. Nobody was yelling or screaming. I was talking to him.”

Popa Wu, a Wu-Tang affiliate, says that he has nothing to do with the feud between Bronson and Ghostface Killah, which started last month when Bronson said Ghostface Killah is not rapping in his signature style. The Wu-Tang rapper responded by saying that he was going to gut Bronson “like a pig.”

Popa Wu says that he did not have an altercation with Bronson at Sean Price’s wake, but the two had mutual respect.

Popa Wu has a son the same age as the New York rapper and says he wishes the best for Bronson.

“That would be foolish for me to say that I have a problem,” Popa Wu says. “He’s a kid. He’s pursuing a career that he wants to be a rapper. I’m proud for him. That wasn’t an issue. Come on. I’m not foolish. I’m a grown-ass man. What I got an issue with a kid for? It doesn’t make sense. None of it makes sense.”

He also says he hopes Bronson will leave the Ghostface Killah rapper alone.

“Ghost isn’t thinking about that kid,” Popa Wu says. “He’s a kid. Just keep doing you and leave me out of it. That’s all everyone is trying to tell him. Don’t keep talking. That’s what you want to do? You want to sound like me, keep doing that, but don’t put up no blogs talking about me. Don’t say things that I’m not rapping like this. We’re trying to tell him, just leave me out of it. Do you. Don’t put us in it. We pioneers. We don’t have to take that from a kid, man.”

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