Before Killer Mike opened for Senator Bernie Sanders at Atlanta’s Fox Theater last night (November 23), the Southern wordsmith took the presidential candidate on a brief tour of the city. The pair stopped at Busy Bee restaurant for lunch and also made their way to the Killer Mike-owned SWAG Shop barbershop.

Both stops were documented on the rapper’s social media accounts.

Later in the day, Killer Mike introduced Sanders during a rally held for the politician. During his speech, the Run The Jewels lyricist touched on healthcare, economic freedom for the working class, and the current fighting overseas.

He also declared that Sanders “is the right man to lead this country.”

“While I’m here, I have to tell you that in my heart of hearts I truly believe that Senator Bernie Sanders is the right man to lead this country,” Killer Mike said. “And I believe it because he, unlike any other candidate, he said ‘I would like to restore the voter’s rights act.’ He unlike any other candidate said ‘I wish to end this illegal war on drugs that disproportionately targets minorities and poor.’ Unlike any other candidate in my life, he says that education should be free for every citizen of this country.”

Killer Mike later addressed those who criticized the fact that he, a rapper, would open for Sanders. He went on to clarify that well before he reached rap stardom, he was an advocate for the people.

“As I read the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s comments about me speaking tonight, one jumped out at me and it broke my heart,” he said. “It says ‘I don’t listen to rap and I’ll no longer be listening to Bernie Sanders.’ And I just wanna say that whoever wrote that, before I was a rapper, I was a son of Atlanta. Before I ever wrote one rhyme and word on paper—Before that, I was a black man in America. And before I ever learned how to dance or jig, I gave a damn about American politics. I gave a damn about the people of America. And I took to the streets and I advocated.”