Lil B spoke with Michael Eric Dyson on MSNBC yesterday (August 17) to explain his decision to support Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders instead of his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

“Well you know, sir, just coming from the Bay Area, being around places like Oakland where they have the divide in East Oakland, where we need to raise minimum wage,” Lil B says. “There’s a lot of poor people out there but a lot of great people that need help and that’s why Black lives do matter. There’s a lot of different minorities, there’s a lot of different people in general. Bernie Sanders wants to rebuild bridges, and [he’s] also fighting against the fossil fuels and things of that nature. I’m really down for that, ’cause I’m always down to conserve and save energy. I don’t like these new plans where people are trying to build upon the land that is already there. Tear down the land that is for the animals ‘cause these are our people too, our brothers and sisters regardless of what anybody says.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Lil B opened up about whether or not he feels that the #BlackLivesMatter movement have been treating Bernie Sanders fairly. This comes in light of a Sanders campaign stop that was interrupted by a #BlackLivesMatter rally in Seattle earlier this month.

“I think the #BlackLivesMatter movement can go about it differently,” Lil B says. “But, at the end of the day too, these are non-violent protests and these people have urgent feelings that they want to bring to the people and to the world… With the #BlackLivesMatter of Bernie Sanders, I think he’s handling it extremely classy and just continue to learn with his brothers and sisters. We’re all one. We have problems that we all need to deal with but I think it’s about accepting him, not cringing what you hear about him and having empathy. We need a lot more empathy. We need to understand that, ‘Hey, your problems are just as big as anybody else’s.’”

Lastly, Lil B urged candidates to pay more attention to the prejudice faced by members of the LGBTQ community.

“Protect transgender people, and also homosexual and gay people, which is a big thing that a lot of people aren’t really fighting for,” Lil B adds. “A lot of transgender people are losing their lives, and that’s something that people won’t talk about.”

Lil B’s interview with MSNBC can be viewed below: