Run The Jewels (Killer Mike and El-P) stopped by Graffiti’s SWAG Shop in Atlanta to discuss a variety of social issues with children.

The two-and-a-half minute visual, which was produced by Mass Appeal, pairs the duo with four local African-American kids.

Mike and El-P discuss gender equality, drug laws, marijuana and more.

When Mike asks the kids “should rappers be responsible to say positive stuff in their songs?”

The kids nod their hods and reply, “yes.”

“Yes,” one girl says, “Instead of all that cussing.”

Later, RTJ asks the kids their thoughts on a more complex societal issue: non-violent drug offenses.

“People who indulge in non-violent drug offenses, should they get 20-30 years in jail or rehab and get to come home with their families?” Mike asks.

“Rehab,” the group replies.

“Because it’s like they didn’t do nothing bad, they just like drinking and stuff,” one boy answers.

“My health teacher said it’s better to smoke weed than cigarettes,” says the lone girl in the conversation.

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