Freddie Gibbs released his Piñata album with Madlib last year. The Gary, Indiana rapper says that his forthcoming Shadow Of A Doubt, which is due in stores Friday (November 20), has a different vibe than its predecessor. 

“If Piñata was a term paper, then this shit is like recess,” Freddie Gibbs says during an interview with exclaim. “This is that after-school right here. With Shadow Of A Doubt, I feel like I got a clip with a million bullets in it and I can’t stop firing. That’s what this shit sounds like.” 

The album has what exclaim says are R&B-styled beats and cuts with melodies and Gibbs singing the hooks. He chalks that up to artistic growth.

“If you don’t evolve, you’re going to stay stagnant,” Freddie Gibbs says. “I feel like we get caught up a lot in that with rap, especially gangsta rap because niggas think they got to be hard all the time and they caught up in telling us about the same shit. Of course I’m going to talk about the streets, the drugs, the gangs and the prostitution. But you can’t limit yourself to doing the same thing over and over.”

In the interview, Freddie Gibbs also discusses The Roots’ Black Thought, with whom he collaborates on Shadow Of A Doubt cut “Extradite.”

“I feel like [Black Thought] is criminally underrated,” Gibbs says. “I believe he’s one of the best rappers outright. In this game, you want to rap with certain guys to see if you can hold your own. With that spirit in mind, he and I made a good record.” 

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