Freddie Gibbs says recording with Scarface on “Broken,” a selection from his Pinata album with Madlib, was remarkable.

“It was a dream come true,” Freddie Gibbs says during an interview with “I’m still kinda in awe of that. I still can’t believe I got him on the record. I guess Kobe [Bryant] felt like this he stepped on the court with Michael Jordan, or played in an All-Star game with Michael Jordan. That’s how I felt. It’s very surreal.”

Even though the Pinata song “Scarface” does not feature the Houston rapper, Freddie Gibbs says that the Geto Boys member inspired his performance on the song.

“I was like, ‘Damn. How am I going to attack this?” Freddie Gibbs says. “That’s why I called it ‘Scarface,’ because I gotta rap like Scarface on this.”

During the interview, Madlib says Freddie Gibbs was rapping to the snare on the song.

“I think that’s what I do better than a lot of people, riding the beat when it come to like flowin’, storytelling and just staying within that pocket,” Freddie Gibbs says.

The Gary, Indiana rapper says that he was in a ferocious pocket when he recorded “Uno,” his favorite Pinata selection.

“I was just going in on it,” Freddie Gibbs says. “I went in on the whole record, but I think I was pissed off that day when I made that. I was pissed off when I made ‘Uno’ and when I made ‘Real.’ Those two records right there, I really remember those.”  

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