In celebration of the 25th anniversary reissue of A Tribe Called Quest’s debut album, People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm, the iconic Hip Hop group took part in a Reddit Q&A live from the Sirius XM offices in New York City.

When asked by one Reddit user what it felt like when the group cut their first record together, Phife Dawg recalled a feeling of joy.

“Joy, it was like, we’re really doing this,” Phife said in response to the question. “Dreams are really coming true. Everything is coming together. We were happy to be doing something to keep ourselves out of trouble. Eventually we were able to take care of our families. We were happy.”

At one point, those in the group were asked what inspired the change in sound between Midnight Marauders and Beats, Rhymes And Life.

“We started the first album we were 17 then we lived and experiences the world and came back around, slightly more mature,” Ali Shaheed Muhammad said. “We went around the world again, experienced some more, dropped that third one… and then adulthood really settled in. And you see life as an adult. We took you all on that journey on growing up.”

Later in the Q&A, Jarobi offered his thoughts on what it was like working with the late J Dilla.

“It was dope working with Dilla, seeing someone like you know had like minded sensibilties of the quality and the craft of the music,” Jarobi said. “especially coming from Detroit. He was a super fantastic guy. I saw a lot a things personally that i didn’t see that didn’t see with Tip. Monumental producers, I saw things that I never saw before.”

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