It’s been 10 years since Ali Shaheed Muhammad has released a solo studio album, but the A Tribe Called Quest member is planning a triumphant return in 2015.

In a recent interview with AllHipHop, Muhammad revealed that he has two projects on the way, including one with producer Adrian Younge.

“I’m working on my solo record for mid-2015,” he told AHH. “I’m doing a couple of things. There’s a record with Adrian Younge. He and I are working on an album together. That’s slated for early 2015.”

While Muhammad has recently been pushing his Eric Garner-inspired single “CPR” and his accompanying ≠quáḽįty apparel, Younge provided the score for the first season of Adult Swim’s animated series Black Dynamite.

In 2013, Younge also collaborated with Ghostface Killah on the Wu-Tang member’s tenth studio album, Twelve Reasons To Die.

“It’s interesting,” says Muhammad, who co-hosts NPR’s “Microphone Check” show. “There’s nothing out there that sounds like what [Younge and I] are doing. It’s pretty exciting.”