Atlanta, GA – 2 Chainz says that he’s got two new projects on the horizon.

During an appearance on Rap Radar’s podcast with Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller yesterday (November 11), the Georgia rapper first revealed that his forthcoming studio album will be titled B.C., an acronym for Before Chainz.

“We got two projects,” 2 Chainz says of his forthcoming releases. “One of them is actually my solo project. It’s gonna be called B.C., like B.C. and A.D. B.C. is ‘Before Chainz,’ obviously. A.D. would be like, ‘After the Dope Game,’ after the drugs, everything is a different feel. But B.C. is done. It’s Tity Boi. It’s nostalgic. It feels good.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, 2 Chainz revealed that he’s got a collaborative project with Lil Wayne titled Collegrove, a reference to the pair’s home neighborhoods.

“I’ve got Collegrove, that I’m working on,” 2 Chainz adds. “That’s the me and Wayne project. That will be out, probably sooner than people think.”

2 Chainz’s appearance on Rap Radar’s podcast can be heard below:

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