Three 6 Mafia members Juicy J and DJ Paul have reached a settlement with an individual accusing them of illegally sampling music that he claims to own.

According to exclusive reports on, a man by the name of Reggie Boyland filed a federal lawsuit against Juicy J and DJ Paul alleging that they infringed copyright laws by sampling “Pimps In The House” and “Listen to the Lyrics” by 8Ball & MJG, songs Boyland claims he owns the rights to.

The aforementioned recordings, according to the lawsuit, were sampled on “Where’s Da Bud” off the group’s 1996 album, Chapter 1: The End, and on their third album, Chapter 2: World Domination. Boyland claimed that Three 6 Mafia never had permission to sample the songs and he subsequently sued the group for “unspecified damages and an injunction against the group from continuing to distribute the music,” the publication reports.

However, both Juicy J and DJ Paul responded to the allegations by explaining that Boyland never specified that he was the valid owner of the recordings and that no “copyright registrations were attached to the complaint either.”

The pair went on to ask for the case to be dismissed as Boyland failed to “demonstrate that [he] possesses valid copyright registrations in the Original Works” therefore rendering “his claims under the Copyright Act for the alleged infringement of the Original Works improper.”

However on November 5, documents were filed stating that they two parties had reached an agreement. The case was subsequently closed the same day.