While speaking on her “1999” and “Meet The Devil” records, Gangsta Boo revealed that she becomes annoyed whenever she’s asked about Three 6 Mafia.

The Memphis, Tennessee lyricist was a member of the group for several years, before reportedly leaving Three 6 Mafia over money issues.

During a recent interview with DJ Smallz Eyes, Gangsta Boo explained that being asked about the group is “played out,” and resulted in her creating “Meet The Devil” and “1999,” two records featured on her Candy, Diamonds & Pills mixtape, which was released last month.

“It gets annoying when people ask me why did I leave Three 6 or ‘What’s up with the Mafia 6?’ It’s like played out,” Gangsta Boo said. “That’s the most played out question that I could—I want to see…Quit asking me about Three 6. That’s lame. Them my niggas. I fuck with them. I’m just—We don’t have to hang out to represent the same shit. You feeling what I’m saying? So, I came up with ‘Meet The Devil.’ And it’s just a great project. You just have to listen to it. And listen to the skits that I did afterwards. And decide from there how you feel about what I’m saying. People go have they own opinion and say whatever they want to say anyway. I don’t really care.”

At one point, Gangsta Boo was also a member of Da Mafia 6ix. According to DJ Paul, she left the group in 2014 to focus on her solo career.

“You know her solo thing was in the making while the group was together, so it wasn’t nothing about that,” DJ Paul said while speaking with HipHopDX last year. “It was what we thought was going to be best for everybody. It just happened. Nobody forced nobody. It was a gut feeling.”

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