50 Cent announced The Kanan Tape last week. The mixtape is named after his character in his Starz show, Power.

In anticipation of The Kanan Tape‘s release, HipHopWired created a list of “12 Ways 50 Cent is Like Kanan From Power.”

The site says that “Mixing Business and Friendship is a No-No.”

“Kanan turned down a gig working for Ghost and Tommy at the club, and that little situation with 50 and Floyd Mayweather promoting boxers fizzled out rather quickly,” it says.

When 50 Cent’s SMS Promotions boxing company filed for bankruptcy, the rapper revealed that the company was supposed to be a joint venture with Money May before the boxer went to jail.

The list says that “His Surprise Comebacks Are Epic.”

“Kanan returned from jail, and there are rumors he survived and will appear during Season 3 of Power,” the site says. “50 survived multiple shots, getting shelved at Columbia, and a bitter fallout at Interscope. This bankruptcy might be a setup for another comeback.”

With the announcement of The Kanan Tape, 50 Cent made jokes about his filing for bankruptcy, spelling out “BROKE” with stacks of money.

The site also cites “#CrewLove” as a similarity between the G-Unit boss and his TV counterpart.

“Before the cops came, Ghost, Kanan, and Tommy had an epic run,” the site says. “There have been three iterations of G-Unit, but none hit the streets as hard as the days of that 50 Cent Is The Future mixtape.”

G-Unit, sans The Game, reunited at last year’s Summer Jam. The group released The Beast is G-Unit in March.

To read the entire list, visit HipHopWired.

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