50 Cent says that the making of the Starz television program Power was an example of persevering with your vision even if people don’t see it right away.

“You’ve went, met with networks, pitched it, and they didn’t respond to it immediately,” 50 Cent says at the Southpaw media day in Los Angeles, “and you’re going, ‘Something’s wrong with these people. They didn’t hear what I just said because this is it right here’ and they still didn’t just, didn’t accept it the first time.”

The G-Unit boss says that the creator of Power, Courtney Kemp Agboh, was about ready to give up on the project after a year and a half of pitching, but 50’s idea for a total package finally gave the show the success that he envisioned. He says he wrote about 10 songs based on the characters of the show. The rapper says that the quality of the music, along with the quality of the show itself, finally put the idea over the top.

“There’s a place for bad music, it’s called television,” 50 says. “That’s where it goes. That’s someone’s cousin, someone’s friend just put that shit at the end of the scene. It’s cool. That’s where that ends up. So when you play music that’s up to standard and you say that there’s no additional cost for it, it’s because of how well the project is gonna be and put together, that they listen and people are intrigued by the music at the same time so this is a good deal.”

Power has been granted a third season and the premier of the second season was the most-watched episode for a Starz original series.

50 says his personal ambition has allowed him to wear several hats, from rapping to acting to executively producing the television program. But he says he can’t do it alone.

“I’m able to have tunnel vision,” he says. “Ambition I don’t think is a learned behavior. I think it’s a part of a person’s natural character. I think for me, I can convince myself that the project is a success and that’s what allows me to have a lot of passion for the project, to work hard enough to make it a success. A lot of times, people need some support. They need someone around to believe in it as much as they believe in it for the moment that it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna be that.”

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