¡Mayday! has been releasing music since 2006 and made its debut on Tech N9ne’s Strange Music with 2012’s Take Me To Your Leader. The group released Future Vintage Friday (September 18). Despite commercial success, Take Me To Your Leader appeared on multiple Billboard charts, and continued presence on the independent Rap scene, Wrekonize expresses disappointment in people who doubt ¡Mayday!‘s efforts.

“After doing it so long, and people say shit like that,” he says in an exclusive interview that appeared in Friday’s DX Daily, “I do lowkey feel like, eh, I feel like I could get a little bit more credit or whatever. I feel like our whole crew does.”

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The Miami emcee cites the nature of the group’s hometown as being influential on the music. He also explains that part of the group’s identity is it’s diversity of sound, blending rock and rap.

“We come through a city that’s very diverse and everyone in our crew, myself included, our whole families are musical and when you have a musical family like that, you get exposed to so many different sources,” he says. “You have your parents playing salsa in the house. Then you listen to the Doobie Brothers and shit. My parents listen to Pink Floyd and Talking Heads. You’ve got all this different spectrum and then you get into Hip Hop and start making Hip Hop music. I feel like we just never let go of that.”

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