During a newly-released interview with Vlad TV, The Outlawz’ E.D.I. Don shed some light on Tupac Shakur and Dr. Dre’s classic, 1996 record, “California Love.”

According to E.D.I. Don, who revealed that he was in the studio with both Tupac and Dre when Pac laid his verse, “California Love” wasn’t initially intended to be a Tupac song. He explained that the song “was completely wrapped up” before Tupac jumped on, and was possibly intended for another rapper.

“I was there when he laid his verse…He [Dr. Dre] already had that song,” E.D.I. Don said. “I think Dre was planning on using that for something—for his self. Who knows? Dre probably got monsters sitting up now that he could put out. Just being who he is. So, he had that monster sitting there. I think that song was completely wrapped up. I heard it might have even been another rapper that was supposed to be on that song. This was like a welcome home gift.”

Prior to speaking on the possibility that “California Love” wasn’t intended for Tupac, E.D.I. Don recalled the “extra energy” Tupac had upon being released from jail.

“I think he was out of jail a good couple of months before any new music came out, if I remember correctly…We done had the rapper coming home from jail and cats have had to do it,” he said. “Because they done got locked up and now they coming home and that’s energy. Even in the streets, when you go to jail and you either beat a case or you dodge a bullet or you get out on bail, that gives you a burst of energy naturally…But Pac had a whole bunch of extra energy because his life had just been—Somebody just tried to take his life. Not too long before that. So, that added to it.”

E.D.I. Don’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.

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